Wire Strands

Wire Ropes Online is one of the main providers of wire strands. We furnish wire strands for auxiliary and construction purposes to more than 20 nations.

Wire Strands:

Wire strands are made from high carbon steel wires that are stranded with one wire in the center and six steel wires around the core wire in a helix. Wire strands are single components of wire ropes. Primarily used in structural and construction applications, wire strands are available in high quality, galvanized finish as well as un-galvanized variants. Wire Rope Online supplies Wire Strands in a variety of configurations, from conventional and economic 7 wire assemblies to 36 wire assemblies. Wire strands are high strength, corrosion resistant steel components.

Supplied in Pre-stretched wire strands or Regular options as per your requirements.

Wire strands are used in conjunction with terminating end fittings like Spelter sockets.

  • Tension members
  • Tensegrity structures
  • Support structure for fabric roofs
  • Draped cables
  • Cable stayed beams
  • Cable trusses
  • Straight tensioned cables
  • Structural stays
  • Pendant stays
  • Roof stays
  • Guy lines for towers
  • Preformed structural grids
  • Stay lines for masts
  • Pre-stretched structural strands
  • Structural supports for stadia
  • Roof supports in open air amphitheaters
  • Structural supports for suspension bridges
  • Stay wires for electrical and communication towers
  • Electrical earth wire


Wire Rope Online supplies premium quality wire ropes and steel cables to every corner of the globe.

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