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Wire Rope online provides some of the best wire slings available in the market, custom made to the specific application. Excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion, and extended service life are traits built into our high quality offerings.

We will help you choose the best fit for your requirements. We deliver wire slings in various custom configurations. Wire rope slings are fabricated by twisting steel wire strands around a central core. We also offer our products in fiber core options depending on your application. Our heavy duty slings are made from high quality galvanized steel. Wire rope slings come in an assortment of configurations depending on the application. Typically we deliver wire rope slings in the following configurations and variants derived from them.

Wire Rope Sling Types:
  • Single part or Single Component Sling
  • Multi component bridle Slings
  • Endless loop Slings or Endless Round Slings

  • Single component wire slings:

    At Wire Rope Online, we offer wire rope slings in single component galvanized finish as well as un-galvanized variants. Wire rope slings come in two categories with and without thimbles. Hawser thimbles and crescent thimbles can be included as part of the fittings. We also fit out single component wire rope slings with ordinary eye loops and reeved eye loops.

    Manually spliced wire sling:

    Wire strands are manually unwound and tucked to form a Flemish loop. The tuck is locked into place using a manually crimped steel ferrule. The crimping is done manually with a crimper.

    Mechanically spliced wire sling:

    Wire strands are unwound and formed into a Flemish loop, a steel ferrule is placed over the splice. The steel ferrule is crimped into place using a hydraulic swage die press. The press crimps the clamp securely over the splice. Wire Rope online also delivers superior quality turn back loops with mechanically spliced sleeves. You have an option to choose from custom ferrule options by brand, material, and efficiency ratings.

    Socketed Components:

    A wire sling wherein the wire strands are unwound, the unwound part of the wire rope is fixed into the socket, conduits are formed in the strand broom through which molten Zinc is poured, and a steel form fitting attachment is fixed.

    The unwinding steel strands form conduits for the molten Zinc, once the attachment is fixed over it. The Assembly forms a secure lock with the socket. Sometimes socketing resins are used instead of molten zinc. The use of socketing resins is again cost and application dependent. Contact our team of experts for your requirements and a quote.

    Types of fittings for socketed components not limited to the list below:
  • Spelter sockets
  • Mooring Spelter sockets
  • Swage buttons
  • Open or closed swage sockets
  • Cast steel wedge sockets

  • Multiple leg Bridle Slings:

    Multiple leg wire rope slings consist of multiple single components connected to a bridle, to form multiple legs; 2-4 legs attached to a single bridle. These wire slings find applications as harness points for hoisting purposes. Multi leg bridle slings are used to balance load distributions while hoisting, with multipoint fastening.

    Endless Wire slings and Grommets:

    Endless wire slings are fabricated from one 6 x19 or 6 x 36. Improved Plow Steel and IWRC is used in the manufacture of these wire slings. This assembly consists of one single wire rope component joined end to end by manual splicing. Endless loops serve as a cost effective option for lifting higher loads.

    Endless wire rope slings can be formed into the following configurations as per the applications and required tonnage pertaining to the application.

    Endless sling conformations used for lifting:
  • Vertical basket
  • Choker
  • Simple Vertical

  • For more information contact our team of specialists.

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