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Wire Rope Online supplies premium quality steel wire ropes and steel cables to every corner of the globe. Our company has distinguished itself among our peers by being one of the few companies, which maintains supply and distribution channels across a wide industrial base. Our products find applications in some of the most demanding environments and sectors. We have as a principle maintained supply and distribution channels across a broad range of industries, with an objective of reaching out to the most specific demands posed. The business model adopted has allowed us to reverse assimilate with our quality and research services. This approach essentially allows innovation in all our products with an emphasis on a ‘Built to Last Quality’ paradigm.

Wire rope assemblies are manufactured from scratch, using steel bars as a raw material, pulled into steel wires. Once the wire pulling process is complete, the wires are subjected to a pickling process that removes the surface impurities in the steel. This wire is further subjected to a galvanization process if desired, for imparting corrosion resistance properties. The end-user and applications define the mechanical and chemical properties of a steel cable as per their applications.

Mechanical parameters include:
  • Tensile strength, also used as a grading system for the wires
  • Minimum break force
  • Flexibility or Rigidity
  • Strength and abrasion resistance

  • Chemical parameters include:
  • Galvanization process for imparting corrosion resistance
  • Lubrication applied imparts abrasion resistance and extended service life
  • Wire Rope Online, provides for specific needs like, tube coating, compaction and addition of polymer fills. We offer an extensive product portfolio.

    Construction of Wire strands:

    Wire ropes are manufactured by twisting many steel wire strands around a centralized core, in a helical pattern. The core type can consist of an Independent wire rope core, wire strand core or a fiber core. The type of core used in wire rope assemblies depends upon the final application of the product and the mechanical properties desired therein. The final winding is carried out on an orbital closing machine, under continuous flow of lubricant. The excess lubricant is stripped off before being shipped off to the testing labs.

    Lays of wire rope:

    The laying of the wire strands around a central core and the orientation of the helix and that of the wires in the individual wire strand to that of the helical axis is known as the lay of a wire. Wire ropes can have the following types of lay.

    Ordinary/Regular lay:

    The helical lay of the wire strands could follow a right handed or left handed orientation, but the individual wires in each strand follow an orientation opposite to that of the Lay orientation of the wire strands along the entirety of the wire rope. Right and Left handed orientations are available.

    Langs Lay:

    The helical lay of the wire strands could follow a right or left handed orientation, the orientation of the individual wires in strands also matches the direction of the wire strand lay with respect to the core. Right or Left handed orientations are available in Langs lays.

    Alternate Lay:

    As the name suggests, an alternate orientation of lays is followed in two layers around the central core of the wire rope. This type of wire rope finds application as non-rotating wire rope, where resistance to rotation is a desired quality.

    Wire rope online offers products in the following constructions:
  • Single Size
  • Seale
  • Warrington
  • Filler wire
  • Combination constructs

  • Core types:
  • IWRC- Independent wire rope core
  • WSC- Wire strand core
  • FC-Fiber cores in synthetic or natural fiber
  • Polymer filled combination cores
    • Applications of our Wire rope and Steel cable by industry:
    • General Purpose
    • Aviation and Military Aviation
    • Military and Naval
    • Shipping & Maritime
    • Fishing Trawlers
    • Oil & Gas exploration
    • Surface Mining & Underground Mining
    • Cranes & Hoisting
    • Construction & Structural Applications


    Wire Rope Online supplies premium quality wire ropes and steel cables to every corner of the globe.

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